Sports Massage and

Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

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Introductory Price

£35.00 Introductory price for the first one hour appointment, normal price £50.00.

The reduced price applies to new customers only and is limited to one appointment.

Introductory Price 60 Minutes


Sport Survival, Injury Rehabilitation, Aches & Pains Rescue, Just Chilling

Sport Survival

Keeping the focus on sport and the maintenance of the body to enable performance ability.

An array of skills and advance techniques are used to ensure optimum efficiency of soft tissue.

Injury Rehabilitation

Quick Injury rehabilitation is essential to promote proactive healing to ensure beneficial long term recovery and results.

Aches & Pains Rescue

Keep those nagging aches and pains under control.

Don't suffer in silence as treatment promotes the relief that you have been searching for.

Just Chilling

Time for you, just you.

This pampering massage provides total relaxation.

With a choice of oils you choose your own self indulgent experience.

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Customers mostly select 60 minutes to allow adequate time for a comprehensive treatment.

Appointment 30 Minutes


Appointment 60 Minutes


Appointment 90 Minutes


'You & Baby To Be'

Helping to provide relaxation benefits that are essential to the body as it adapts to the changes as the 'Baby To Be' develops.

Pregnancy Massage 60 Minutes


Pregnancy Massage 90 Minutes


Kinesio Taping

 Pricing is subject to level of work required.

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